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An instrument for determining sodium ion content in unit volume water -- Sodium meter

An instrument for determining sodium ion content in unit volume water -- Sodium meter

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Sodium ion, an important ion, is a soft, light, waxy and very extensible silver-white group 1A alkali metal elements. In 1807, British chemist David first made sodium and named it by electrolysis of sodium hydroxide. Sodium is very active in chemistry. It is easy to oxidize sodium oxide in the air, burning yellow flames. React with water to produce sodium hydroxide and react with alcohols to form sodium alcohols. Therefore, it is usually kept in kerosene. Sodium can react with most elements, but it is difficult to react with boron, carbon, iron and nickel. Sodium can react with silicate at high temperatures, eroding glass and porcelain...
HI931101 waterproof portable salinity / sodium meter
Sodium -- the metal element that makes up salt. Sodium in the diet is mainly found in salt. It is an important condiment in cooking and the most important substance to ensure the balance of water in the body. Without salt, people's survival will be hindered. Salt plays an important role in preventing food spoilage. Sodium is an indispensable component of salt.
Main physiological functions of sodium
1. sodium is the main ion with positive electricity in the extracellular fluid, which is involved in the metabolism of water and ensures the balance of water in the body.
2. maintain the balance of acid and alkali in the body.
The 3. is the composition of pancreatic juice, bile, sweat and tears.
4. refer to the regulation of cardiac muscle and nerve function.
Salt, which is composed of chloride, is an indispensable condiment....