How to use hole cutting machine?What’s the notices?



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Hole cutting machine is a kind of pipe connection tool. It makes holes on the pipe to achieve the purpose of installing the branch pipe on the main pipe. The machine is widely favored by workers because of its light weight, convenient operation and high processing efficiency. Well, how to use hole cutting machine? What is the notices? Victualic-Tuwei company will introduce how to use the hole cutting machine:

1. Assemble suitable hole saw and matched center drill according to the demand.


2.Install the hole saw assembly to the chuck then lock it.


3.Put the machine on the pipe horizontally then fix it with chain.


4.Plug the power, turn on the switch, check whether it is in good condition when idling.


5.If there is multi speed, choose the suitable rotating speed according to the pipe material.


6.Rotate the handle slowly, tap a location hole with center drill at first. Then make hole.


7.Add coolant to the saw during operation to extend its service life significantly.


8.Turn off switch, loosen the chain and remove the machine


9.Measure the hole size.

It is very simple to use hole cutting machine, but users need to pay attention to safety issues. Victualic-Tuwei company is committed to developing and manufacturing the quick connection tools of pipelines. Our major products are roll grooving machines, pipe cutting machines, hole cutting machines, pipe threading machines …Welcome to contact us for more exchanges.


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