Common Faults and Settlement of pipe cutting machines



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Pipe cutting machine  is an essential machine for pipe processing. It is inevitable to encounter some hiccups, so it is necessary to get several skills. Today, Victaulic-Tuwei  has done some sorting for you.


Question:Why does it not work when shaking the oil pump handle?

Answer: It may be caused by not enough hydraulic oil or blocked oil circuit, check the oil level, add or change the hydraulic oil.

Question: Why the pipe runs away when cutting?

Answer: It may be caused by reasons below: 

1.The pipe is not placed horizontally. The short pipe should be placed horizontally on the roller, while the height of pipe stand should be adjusted to make it horizontal when cutting long pipe.

2.The pipe stand is not put in a reasonable position, request left or right adjustment to keep the pipes parallel to the roller and perpendicular to the blade.


Question: Why are there burrs around pipe end after cutting?

Answer: 1.The pipe may be not clamped - clamp the pipe. 

2.The cutting speed may be too fast - adjust the cutting speed.


Question: Why is there a slope after cutting?

Answer: Common reasons as following: 

1.The blade is not installed in place – reinstall.

2. The blade is not sharp enough and the cutting force is too strong – Replace the blade and adjust the feeding force.


Pipe cutting machine is a professional mechanical equipment. Please don’t repair machines without professional knowledge. It is recommended to contact the dealer or the manufacturer to solve the problem. 


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